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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Home from vacation:)

Hi All,

We are just returning back from a wonderful vacation at the beach!!! Many may think that we don't really need vacations. Afterall aren't we always home?? Don't we have free time all the time?? Isn't homeschooling like a daily vacation? Well, the answers to the above are yes, no and no!!

Homeschooling in our case is done on a daily basis. Even when my children think they are not 'doing school', we always are. For instance, when we go grocery shopping we learn math. How you might ask? Well, for starters the grocery store is where my children learned the metric and standard system. And they also learned how to determine the correct amount of ingredients for certain recipes. Hmmmm...... I guess they learned Home Economics too:) While shopping for clothes or other incidentals, they learned percentages. My kids are whiz kids when it comes to determining the final cost of an item after a percentage is deducted!!:)

Sooooo, believe it or not we do need vacations. But wouldn't you know it that while on vacation they were still learning?:) You see, while we were at the beach, a manatee had beached itself just a few yards away from us. My kids were able to watch this manatee and watch how the Sea World officials handled the situation to keep him safe:) Pretty cool, huh?? My kids thought it was awesome. They also learned about sand fleas and even caught some of them:) And no, they could not keep them as pets. Yucky!!:)

We also enjoyed the waves:) And of course turned that into a learning experience as well. Not to mention the lightning storm we encountered and of course, you guessed it, that was also a learning experience. You see, we don't have to actually be home to be learning something new. It happens on a daily basis and even on 'vacation'. The beauty of homeschooling is that our children are always learning and don't have to wait until we reach that subject or that chapter to learn new things:)

Sooooo, yes, we had a lovely vacation and honestly can't wait until the next one!! Or should I say our next daily adventure:)

Many blessings,


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