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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Home schooling Many Children at One Time

Some may think that home schooling more than one child is difficult, but all you need is some creativity and organizational skills. I have been schooling my children for many years and I have a child in just about every grade level. I have one who is in 10th grade, one in 8th/9th grade, one in 5th grade, another in 2nd grade and one in the Pre-school level. So, as you can tell, organization in our household is extremely important. I have found that if I schedule their courses in 1 to 1 ½ hour increments I am able to work with the younger ones and still be available for the older ones as well.

A typical day in our household starts with a 7:30 am wake up call. This allows my children to wake up, eat breakfast and complete their daily chores, before beginning their schoolwork at promptly 9:00am. They have 15-minute breaks between courses and we stop at noon for lunch and daily devotions. We start back up at 1pm and finish up for the day at 2pm. My older children may continue working if they have extra work to do, but they don’t seem to complain. This schedule is working wonderfully for us, but that doesn’t mean that it will work in your household. You must find what works better for you and your children. It also doesn’t mean that we don’t deviate it from it from time to time. For the most part we stick to our schedule unless we have a field trip or a day off.

We have tried many different schooling forms, such as relaxed home schooling, unit studies and strict seatwork schooling, but those have not worked well for our family. We have found that we have an ‘eclectic style’ of schooling and that seems to work for us. By eclectic, I mean, we use various sources for our schooling and don’t rely on one curriculum or unit study. For instance, my daughter loves to read Little House on the Praire books, so I incorporated those books into our schooling. We will be using The Praire Primer as a resource and learn not only reading, but science, history and cooking as well.

You may wonder how I keep my young ones entertained while teaching the older ones. Well, I have found that if I keep a box of ‘school toys’ that can only be used during schooling hours, that it keeps them entertained. That along with books, crayons, paints, and playdoh seems to help keep them occupied as well as learning at their pace. My little one loves ‘doing’ school because he has his own drawer with books, and school supplies. He is learning at a young age, to keep himself entertained and has also learned patience.

I am an example that it can be done. With a little patience and organization you too can home school more than one child and still keep your sanity.


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