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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Scheduling classes for kids:)

Wow, I can't believe school will be starting soon!! In our home we will begin on August 14th, or at least that is the target date. Just this morning I began to write down all the subjects we will be covering.

I have 2 children taking high school courses and 2 taking elementary courses and one in pre-school. Sooo, as you can imagine, I need to schedule them in a very creative way. I must take into consideration that when the younger ones need me, the older ones will be able to work independently. With this in mind, I was able to devise a schedule. We will see how this works the first week and of course make changes when needed:)

My older two will have my undivided attention for the subjects like Communications, Spanish and Biology. They will be able to work on their own for Reading and Writing and work with their online teachers for their other courses, like Geometry, Algebra, US History and World History.

I will mainly work with the younger ones. They will work together but of course in subjects designed for their age and grade level. My younger ones will be conquering Math, Science, Communications, Logic, Writing and Reading. We will be working with Praire Primer for History and Home Economics and of course more Reading:) My girls love Little House on the Praire and this curriculum compliments it nicely:)

Soooo, as you can tell, I will have my hands full this year:) The greatest part is that they can't wait to start. They love getting new books and new school supplies. The newness never seems to wear out, because we have found books that they enjoy.

This year, I have incorporated books that they enjoy and will also be learning from. For example, my kids love Bright Minds - Mind Benders. These books are awesome!! They look like puzzles, which in a sense they are. But, they must use critical thinking and logic in order to solve these puzzles. Our whole family gets involved in these and it is great FUN!!!

If you have never heard of Mind Benders, take a peek at my site at and try a sample page. You will see how much fun and challenging they are.

By the way, scheduling was not easy, but with The Homeschool Tracker, I was able to input all their courses and devise a schedule for each child. This was definitely easier than writing out a schedule for each child, considering I have 5!!:)

Well, until next time:)



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