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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Crazy Times

Wow, it's seems like a lifetime since I last posted!! Things at our home are finally working well. We had some difficulties with scheduling but hopefully things will work out this time. If not, back to the drawing board:)

When it comes to scheduling I rely completely on my Homeschool Tracker program. It is a Free program and it is great!! I am able to input each child's information and subjects and design a schedule for each child. Of course in my case, I have to be a little more creative since I have 5 children in different age group and grades. At first and for a long time, I thought I had to do everything myself. Boy, was I mistaken!!! It has definitely caught with me and it has been extremely stressful.

I am very lucky and thankful that I have a husband that has decided to help out in the schooling. My children would much rather I teach them individually but unfortunately I am only one person and it has gotten difficult, especially with High School courses that require more time. Soooo, my husband is helping with my older two children and will be helping with Biology and History. Although his teaching methods are much different than mine and his patience level is extremely low, I believe my children will get a wonderful education. This is also preparing them for the future years when they attend college and have different instructors with different teaching methods.

So, even though my children may dread the time when Daddy has to teach, they will thank him in the long run and be assured that they will learn the subject not just coast through it. Now, if you are not as lucky as I am to have someone else to help with the schooling then you must find other methods to teach where it will be less stressful.

For example my fifth grader has a difficult time reading and comprehending. Well, actually comprehending items she doesn't have interest in. But, I explained there will be subjects that we have to read and be able to comprehend even though it may not be interesting to us. Soooo, I purchased a CD-rom called 'Reading Detective', since she enjoys solving mysteries. She is enjoying it immensely!!! She actually begs to get on the computer to read!! She also has the book version but prefers the computer. So, you see, this is a way to get her to read, comprehend, and increase her typing skills all at once. Now, I find that quite helpful and it also increases her self esteem, because she is able to read, solve mysteries and is given an award at the end of each section.

There are many different methods to teach your children and we must be able to get away from the traditional books and find new exciting ways to teach. It will not only excite our children but get us excited and motivated to teach!!

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