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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Learning the ABC's

If you are like me and homeschool, we are always finding different ways to teach the alphabet. Sure, we have the alphabet chart and alphabet puzzles, but that gets BORING:) Soooo, we try to find new and inventive ways to learn our ABC's.

My little guy loves to get dirty and what child doesn't? So, we let him play in the yard on his picnic table with shaving cream. I spray shaving cream on the table and he uses his finger or a popsicle stick to practice his letters. He also has a sand box and practices his letters in the sand as well. This helps him develop his tactile senses and he has FUN too!!!

We love to paint, so of course we use finger paints to learn our letters and he learns his colors at the same time too:)

We also love to cook, so we make cookies and pancakes and pretzels in the shape of letters. All my children enjoyed making letters out of dough and they are also learning to count and measure and cook!!! Wow, isn't that awesome!!!

What I love to do is designate a letter a week. That week we will have special snacks that begin with that letter and special crafts with that letter too!! Who says learning has to be boring?? My kids learned their alphabet very quickly because we made it fun!! Don't stress perfection!! If your child has difficulty writing the letters, have him paint them instead. He will perfect his writing eventually, but the most important thing is for him to be able to identify letters and know their sounds, because reading will be that much easier:)

Remember have fun and don't be afraid to try new things!! You will be amazed how quickly they will learn and what to continue learning:)

Until next time.....

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for these fun ideas in teaching the alphabet! I've been trying to teach my son the alphabet. He's only 2yrs 8mths old. Would like to ask if he's still too young to learn the alphabet now? Thanks!

9:22 PM  

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