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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Writing and Creating Sentences

So, I don't know if your children are like mine, but they would rather not write or try to create sentences much less stories!! I have had to be quite creative to get them to use their imagination. One thing I found that works is a tape recorder. I will have them record themselves telling me a story. Then we will transfer the story on paper by writing it out. Lots of times, they will tell me that they can't think of anything to write, but when I pull out the tape recorder they automatically can come up with a story. Interesting, huh?? We also like to write plays and have them perform them for us. We video tape them and they love to be able to see their finished products.

I started my children writing at a an early age with a journal. I use a simple notebook and have them write in it everyday or at least 3 times a week. I save these journals and they love being able to look back at them. They are able to see how much their writing, spelling and penmanship has changed throughout the months and years.

With the younger ones, I have them draw pictures and create a sentence or two about the picture. This is a great preparation exercise for when they have to write in the later years. They also love to use either their dolls or puppets to create stories, and I will write it for them. Once we get their imagination sparks, it's amazing what they can come up with:)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Journals are awesome! We use them too! Even my 4 year old is able to draw soemthing then dictate what she has drawn and I write the sentence for her. Sometimes she likes me to "dot" my words so she can trace over them.

11:56 AM  
Blogger Debbie said...

My children have an aversion to writing stories as well. The tape recorder thing is a great idea.

What I've been doing lately is to tell them: When you're writing your first draft spelling, grammar, and punctuation do NOT matter. Just get your ideas down. Focus on the story and we'll shine it up later. That seems to have helped my son. Of course, he doesn't like re-writing it later, but what do ya do?

9:19 AM  

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